Say goodbye to your days of following up with lead after lead and hello to Brandout’s Full-Service Call Center.

How does it work?

Our call center specializes in helping you fill your patient schedule by calling leads on your behalf. Our call center team is made up of experienced sales members who will make outbound calls to prospective patients, engage with them in a professional and friendly manner, and guide them to schedule an appointment in your office. We use a variety of communication channels to reach out to leads and are skilled at following up with potential patients to ensure they get the care they need in your office. With their expertise in lead generation and appointment scheduling, our call center team plays a crucial role in helping chiropractic offices like yours grow their patient base and expand their business while taking all follow-ups off your team’s plate.


Save Money

Say you have a team member that does calls for you. You pay them $19 an hour. 40 hours a week for 4.3 weeks comes out to $3,268 on average pay a month you’re spending for them to call and follow up with leads.

Weekend Follow Up

Weekends are a HOT time for leads to come through. Our call center can follow up with leads throughout the weekend and even during office closure hours to ensure no leads are slipping through the cracks.

Increase Revenue

On average, our call center adds a minimum of 10 new patients to your calendar each month (in addition to those automatically booking via our text message calendar). This means most practices are seeing an average $22,000 monthly revenue increase from utilizing our call center. This factors out to $264,000 a year!

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