Trending audios and short-form video content have taken over social media in 2023, but what trends will we want to keep an eye on for 2024?


  1. Authentic Creator Content


People want to connect – not feel like they’re being sold. That’s why telling stories to explain your product/service’s value and not ending posts with generic CTAs is going to be extremely important!


So, instead of telling people why something is important like this:


“Engaging people on social media is crucial for your brand’s success. It helps build relationships, boosts brand awareness, and drives sales.”


Try SHOWING them like this:


“A customer named Tyler posted a query about one of Sarah’s products. She responded promptly and provided detailed information. Tyler was not only pleased with the product but also impressed by the quick and helpful response. He decided to make a purchase and even shared his positive experience on his social media, tagging Sarah’s business.


This single post by Tyler led to a surge in inquiries and orders from his followers and friends. Word spread and Sarah’s engagement on social media turned one satisfied customer into a brand advocate, resulting in increased sales and brand awareness.


This story shows how engaging with your audience on social media doesn’t just create a connection but can turn a single interaction into a ripple effect of positive outcomes for your business.”


This helps stop the scroll, keep people’s attention, and shows them your value in a way they can immediately apply to their everyday lives.


  1. AI-generated content


While we all love how much time AI-generated content saves, it also conflicts with social media trend #1 on our list – Authentic Creator content.


The truth is AI is AMAZING for helping get content out fast, but what it reveals isn’t anything a 20-second Google search couldn’t provide just as easily.


It can sound void of emotion.


And it isn’t likely to stand out from the other thousands of posts your audience is scrolling through each day.


People want human connection and relatable content, not an encyclopedia. They’re on social media to engage, learn, and be entertained. 


So, while we’re seeing this trend grow in 2024, we recommend you take a step back and only use AI to help you improve your creative process – not replace it.

By being vulnerable and making your content relatable, you’ll see a lot more success in your social strategy in the year ahead!


  1. Show Up Consistently


In 2024, the algorithm, specifically on Instagram, is going to be rewarding consistency and punishing those who aren’t sticking to a set schedule. Basically, you need to stick to posting: 


  • Once a day
  • Every other day
  • Two times a week


The algorithm will start downgrading users when they post randomly, so this is definitely something to keep in mind when it comes to increasing your engagement and reach on posts. 


  1. ​​Personalization


Okay, we know we said AI was something you don’t want to use for creating social content, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use it to boost your strategy!


Personalization using AI can help you collect and analyze important data like your target audience’s preferences, interests, and behavior so you can tweak your content to build stronger relationships and increase your online engagement.


This is an extremely valuable tool we expect to see more social media marketers lean on this upcoming year. 




Social media trends are constantly changing, but here are a few of the biggest we expect in 2024!


Are you excited to implement some of these for the upcoming year or feeling overwhelmed by all the changes? Talk to our team, and let’s help set you up for social success this year!