Have you recently been startled by a message warning that your Facebook page is at risk of deactivation?


Did it look a little like this?

You’re not alone! And it seems like these messages aren’t going to stop anytime soon, so how can you spot the fakes and is your page really at risk for deletion if you don’t click that link? 


Why are you getting these messages? 


First things first: you can take a deep breath – your account isn’t at risk. If you’re getting these messages in your messenger inbox, it’s a phishing scam. Facebook doesn’t reach out via direct message to inform users of violations or “permanent deletion,” as many of these messages imply. If Facebook is truly reaching out, they will do so via: 


  • Facebook Page Support Inbox
  • Email address associated with your page


How can you spot a fake?


Another way you can figure out if these messages are real is by looking at the sender. These fraudulent messages are never sent by Facebook but by a 3rd party. The sender’s goal is to get you to click the link without thinking so they can steal your information. And unfortunately, it works, seeing as more and more scammers are hopping on the trend.


Keep in mind: Facebook will NEVER ask you to reveal your passwords, personal information, or payment details in these notifications.


What should you do if you receive this message? 


If you receive such a message, do not click on any links or provide any information. Instead, report the account that sent the message, block them to keep them from messaging you in the future, and delete the message from your inbox.



We hope this helps clear everything up! Reach out to us if you have any other questions. Our team is available at team@brandoutsocial.com or (719) 301-7760