Have you ever wondered how to boost your social media presence and increase the chances of your posts being seen by a wider audience? Well, the secret lies in ORGANIC ENGAGEMENT!


Something as simple as just 10-20 minutes of genuinely engaging with content before posting can work wonders for your social media strategy.


And it all comes down to these 4 things:


  • Social media platforms reward active users


When you engage with others’ posts through likes, comments, and shares, the platform’s algorithm recognizes your activity and may, in turn, promote your content to a broader audience. This is also a great way to start building connections with your potential clients and show you’re invested in their lives, too. 


People are much more likely to engage, share, and follow back when you’re putting in the same, if not more, effort to connect with them. 


  • Organic engagement isn’t just about boosting your numbers; it’s about building meaningful connections.


We just touched on this, but it’s too important of a point to just stop there…


Seriously, when you engage thoughtfully, you create a sense of community around your content, making people more likely to interact with your posts. Building meaningful relationships will always get you better results regardless of how many followers you have.


Think about it this way: would you rather have 1,000 loyal followers who actively invest in your brand or 100,000 followers who could care less? 


We’d vote for quality over quantity every time. 


  • You increase your visibility when you’re active online


Have you ever noticed how some posts pop up on your feed more often? That’s because platforms prioritize showing you content from users you’ve engaged with. By being active, you increase your visibility in the feeds of others as well.


This goes back to point #1…


The more we engage, the more likely others will engage with us. This will help increase the likelihood of your content showing up in your potential client’s feed!


  • Trust and credibility are KEY


When you genuinely engage with others, you showcase your expertise and authenticity. This builds trust and credibility, making people more inclined to check out your profile and engage with your posts.


It also shows you’re responsive and there to answer any questions (or, if there were to be an issue in the future – concerns). People want to know you’re accessible and trustworthy.




So, before you hit that “publish” button, remember to spend some quality time engaging with others in your niche. Like, comment, share, and foster authentic connections. It’s a win-win strategy for both your personal brand and your social media growth!


But if you’re a busy business owner and this all sounds overwhelming – we understand 100%. That’s why we actually offer this as a service to our clients!

Our outreach package is a great way to ensure you’re still connecting with your clients, increasing your followers, and building meaningful connections. Schedule a FREE, no-pressure consultation call with us today to learn more: https://brandoutsocial.com/contact/